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Artfully Preserved in an Interactive Digital Format for the Benefit of Current and Future Generations

Time Capsule - Coming Soon!

Sometimes lives are cut short by illness. Our Time Capsule provides a powerful way to release special audio or video messages to loved ones on certain milestone dates in the future. Even though you can't be there as they grow older, your voice, your image, and your wisdom can still be a guiding force in their life.

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4 Simple Steps

Impacting your loved ones even when you can't be there in person.


Step 1 - Create Project

Cick the "Get Started" button below start your time capsule project. You will choose from milestone dates and questions from our library or you can create your own.

Step 2 - Invite

Our easy-to-use interview format will guide your through the process of recording your answers. You can record your answer in your own voice and include relevant pictures or you can record your answer in video.

Step 3 - Record

At the end of each answer, we will ask you to select the recipient(s) and the date or milestone event at which you’d like your message delivered.

Step 4 - Share

We will send quarterly reminders to the person you have designated as your Time Capsule Gate Keeper to remind them of upcoming dates or milestone events that are pending. Your messages can have a profound impact on the life of your loved one even though you can’t be there in person.

Easy To Use

All of our products feature an easy-to-use interview format accesssed through our website.

Easy To Share

Simple to share through email or Facebook with a click of a button, or send a beautiful gift bottle.

Your Voice

We record your voice as you answer the interview questions. Hearing a Story being told is more impactful than reading it.


You can also capture your answers on video when you want to make an even deeper connection.


We encourage you to add pictures that go along with your answers whenever possible. We make it easy to do!


There is nothing like hearing advice and stories from a loved one in his or her own voice. A powerful way to pass on your legacy.

Our Mission

At Bottled Time, we believe that the story of your life and its milestones are important treasures to pass on to future generations. We will help you capture the important moments of life in an easy, interactive format. Your loved ones will be able to listen to your voice and view your smile as you recount the things that made your life special. We preserve those memories in a digital format for family, friends and loved ones to enjoy for generations to come.